Glass octopus with transparent skin captured in the Pacific Ocean

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In the Pacific Ocean, scientists found a transparent, glass-like octopus near Phoenix Island, the name of the octopus is Vitreledonella richardi, part is visible, the connecting nerves of light, eyes and the digestive system of this octopus can only be seen on Phoenix Island
The bottomless waters of the sea hold many mysteries within. Recently, scientists at the Schmidt Ocean Institute faced a similar mystery. During an expedition, scientists saw a transparent, glass-like octopus near Phoenix Island in the Pacific Ocean. The real name of this octopus is Vitreledonella richardi and only part of it is visible.

Scientists made a video of the whole incident, which is now popular on social media. The nerves, eyes and digestive system connected to the light of this octopus can only be seen. For this reason, seeing this creature is considered rare around the world. Before that, scientists had to use samples to find out about the transparent octopus. watch the video here
These octopuses are very special
Marine biologists at the Schmidt Institute recently had the chance to see this rare octopus for about 20 minutes. In the video of the creature posted to Instagram, this alien-like octopus is seen swimming near Phoenix Island. A very happy biologist in the video said it would be the best video of his life. Another said it was really wonderful.

In the caption of this video, the Schmidt Institute explained how the members of the octopus leave little shadow from below so that no other creature can attack them. This video was posted on June 27. Millions of people have watched this breathtaking video so far. One user said, “It’s amazing and so beautiful. Let’s say the creatures found in the deep sea have lived for millions of years and can grow up to 40 feet long.

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