Global Arms Race China: China in the Global Arms Trade World Arms Exports Knowing Which Countries Buying Chinese Arms Name: Pakistan, Myanmar and Bangladesh Buy Arms From China

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China supplies arms to many countries in Africa, over 74% of China’s total arms purchases, including Pakistan and Bangladesh, sells arms to many countries in Asia.
Amid the lingering tensions from India, China is covering many countries in Asia with its lethal weapons. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) report released today, Pakistan ranks tenth in the list of the world’s largest arms buyers between 2016-2020. During this time, Pakistan purchased 2.7 percent of the total arms imported into the world. Pakistan bought 74% of the total arms imported from China alone. Apart from that, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Thailand are the major Asian countries that buy weapons from China.

Pakistan bought arms from these countries
Pakistan purchased 74% of total arms imported from China, 6.6% from Russia and 5.9% from Italy between 2016-2020. However, this list does not include the arms deal between Pakistan and Turkey. Let us know that Pakistan is purchasing many modern warships as part of Project Magnanum. Apart from this, Pakistan and Turkey are also involved in several joint weapons productions. This report indicates that Pakistan’s total arms purchases fell 23 percent from the previous session.

China sells more weapons to Asian countries
China has sold most of its weapons to Asian countries, however, many countries in Africa are buying them from Dragon. According to the China Powers report, China contributed 82.8% of total arms exports to Asian countries. Which includes Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Indonesia. This includes the manufacture of JF-17 fighter jets with Pakistan, Type 054 class warships, optical missile tracking systems.

India is the second largest arms buyer country in the world
According to Sipri, India remains the second largest arms importer in the world after Saudi Arabia. India is followed by Egypt, Australia and China. Between 2011-2015 and 2016-2020, India’s arms imports from abroad fell by 33%. India has bought the most weapons from Russia over the past 5 years, but this arms import has declined by around 53%. India currently buys only 49% of weapons from Russia, up from the previous 70%.

Sri Lanka ready to play on China’s lap again, to take new loan of 16,000 crore
The United States is in fourth place, arms imports from France increase by 709%
India has also dealt the United States a hard blow in terms of arms imports. The United States was India’s second-largest arms exporter between 2011 and 2015, but in 2016-2020, the United States rose to number four. India has reduced its arms imports from the United States by 46 percent. Between 2016 and 2020, Israel and France were the second and third largest arms suppliers, respectively.

After Sri Lanka, China’s next victim is another neighbor of India, a dragon ready to take possession
Bangladesh’s proximity to China is increasing
Bangladesh’s attitude changed a bit after Sheikh Hasina became Prime Minister again. Now he is interested in the Infra projects in China. Bangladesh awarded the contract for the Sylhet airport terminal to the Chinese company last year. While Sylhet is adjacent to the northeastern border of India and is considered a sensitive area. With his help, China planned to keep tabs on the entire northeastern region of India.

China wants to make its presence in the Bay of Bengal
China wants to make its presence in the Bay of Bengal to surround India. This is why the military coup in Myanmar has been criticized by the whole world, but China has favored the Myanmar army at every step. He vetoed a resolution criticizing the Myanmar military at the United Nations Security Council and the Human Rights Council. Aung Sang Suu Kyi’s government did not approve of China’s plans, affecting China’s dream of reaching Bangladesh.

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