Global firepower index 2021 Pakistan: Pakistani army stronger than Israel, Iran, Indonesia and India to increase tension

Strong points:

The Pakistani military was ranked 10th in the latest ranking of the Global Firepower Index.
The Pakistani Army has become the 10th most powerful army in the world, spending huge amounts on the Pakistani people. The Pakistani military ranks 10th out of 133 countries in the latest World Firepower Index ranking. Pakistan has overtaken Israel, Canada, Iran and Indonesia. In contrast, India retained its fourth place in the latter ranking.

Pakistan is the only country to improve its ranking among the top 15 countries in the 2021 Global Firepower Index. This ranking is scored on 50 factors. These range from military strength to financial and logistical potential and geographic strength. Pakistan has a score of 0.2083. Pakistan jumped 5 places in 2021 compared to last year.
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The US military is the most powerful
Pakistan now overtakes Israel, Canada, Iran and Indonesia in this list. Pakistan spends $ 7 billion on defense of the total budget. The US military remains the most powerful on this list. It is followed by Russia and China. India is ranked fourth. India’s power index is valued at 0.1214. India is followed by Japan, South Korea, France, Great Britain and Brazil.
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This ranking of the Global Firepower Index came at a time when India’s tensions with China and Pakistan are at their peak. India faces the danger of a two-front war. The activities of Pakistan and the Chinese army are increasing in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Recently, the Indian Air Force of China and Pakistan conducted a joint exercise to kill the Rafale fighter.

Pakistani army becomes 10th most powerful army in the world

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