Global Freedom Watch Report Downgraded India’s Freedom Score 2021: Global Freedom Lowered India’s Freedom Rank In Its 2021 Report

Strong points:

In its latest report, the US thinktank Global Freedom downgraded India’s freedom rankings, the thinktank cited attacks on Muslims in the country and the imposition of the sedition law, the Modi government and the BJP have been described as hardcore Hindutva in Washington.
The US thinktank Freedom House lowered India’s freedom rankings this year compared to last year. India was previously included in the FREE (independent) category countries. While, in the new list released this year, India has been placed in the PARTLY FREE (Partially Independent) category. This think tank claimed that the voice of the people in the world’s largest democratic country was not independent during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tenure. India’s score in that report was 70 last year, up from 67 this year.

Targeted Modi government
In democratic countries around the world, this institution that conducts research on freedom is generally considered independent, but it is funded by the United States. In such a situation, it cannot be denied that the United States has no influence on the report. Growing pressure on human rights organizations within the Hindu nationalist government, violence against Muslims in India, threats from journalists and judicial intervention are on the rise, according to the report.

Allegations of human rights violations locked out
In its annual report on Wednesday, Freedom House targeted India and China. He says the Modi government abused basic rights during the corona virus lockdown. It has also been alleged that the Du Nationalist government and its allies have spearheaded increasing violence and discriminatory policies affecting the Muslim population.

The greatest freedom in these countries
Freedom House gave 100 figures to Finland, Norway and Sweden in its report. He said that the people of these countries have the most freedom. While a score of 1 is assigned to Tibet and Syria. The think tank alleges that citizens here have absolutely no freedom to make their voices heard. This thinktank studied countries around the world on the basis of 25 different parameters.

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