Global Times India spying in Nepal: Stinks in a thief’s beard, in Nepal the bets have turned on him, Chinese media angrily shot India, accusations of espionage – Chinese spokesperson Global Times accuses India of spying on Chinese delegation in Nepal

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China, which rocked the Nepalese government at its request, was alarmed by the change in circumstances. Chinese official media outlet Global Times accuses India of spying on Nepal. The Chinese media allegations came after the Chinese minister openly intervened in Nepalese politics.
There is a saying in India, “Ulta chor kotwal ko date”. The Chinese dragon began to spread the same saying in Nepal. So far, China, which has flouted the government of Nepal at its request, is so alarmed by the change in the situation in Nepal that it accuses India of spying. Not only that, but even after the Chinese minister openly intervened in Nepal’s politics, the official Silent Global Times blames India for interfering in Nepal’s domestic politics.

Not only that, the Chinese Foreign Ministry is also not ready to believe that a huge Chinese delegation has arrived in Nepal to intervene by force in the ongoing war within the ruling Nepalese Communist Party. China’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that a team of officials has arrived in Kathmandu under the leadership of Guo Yezhu, vice minister of the Communist Party of China International Department, to discuss Corona.

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The Chinese Foreign Ministry also on Monday called on the warring factions of the Communist Party of Nepal to properly handle their dispute and try for political stability. Asked whether Guo’s visit was aimed at political reconciliation between the two NCP factions, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said China had taken note of “the developments politics in Nepal ”.

Zhao said, “ As a friend and close neighbor, we hope that all parties in Nepal take into account the national interest and the whole scenario and resolve the internal dispute appropriately and achieve political stability and national development. I will try. He said, “The CCP promotes the principle of party relations characterized by independence, absolute equality, mutual equality and non-interference.”
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Meanwhile, Chinese official Bhopu Global Times quoted Lin Minwang, a professor at Fudan University, as saying that China has invested heavily in Nepal under the Belts and Roads. He said that was the reason why there was a good reason for China to be concerned about the situation in Nepal. It is a cooperation between two parties and not an intervention in the internal affairs of Nepal. Another Chinese expert Hu Zhiong said it was an exchange between two parties and made no sense with India.

Hu Zhiong said that Nepalese academics told me that India had sent its intelligence agents to monitor the leaders of the Nepalese Communist Party. The Indian spy is also spying on discussions between the Chinese minister and the Nepalese leaders. At the same time, said Lin, “The point is that India, whether past or present, is the most powerful foreign power to interfere in the domestic politics of Nepal.”

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