Global Times, India threatens Lake Pangong TSO: deadlock in Ladakh: reverse rage of globalization ruins Lake Pangong in Ladakh, India

The Chinese dragon, which has deployed more than 50,000 troops in Ladakh, has now accused India of ruining Lake Pangong via its Siren Global Times. The Chinese newspaper claimed that India not only threatened the peace and stability of the region, but was ruining the ecosystem of Lake Pangong, 134 km long. The Chinese newspaper’s claim on Pangong Lake once again seems to resonate with the proverb “Ulta Chor, Kotwal Ko Datay”.

China has turned the region into a military camp in an attempt to capture Indian territory by fortification around Lake Pangong. Not only that, China has built military bunkers and radar stations around Pangong. China is laying optical fiber along the edge of Pangog so that the Chinese military can communicate safely. China has also deployed several boats equipped with diesel-powered weapons. Previously, Chinese and Indian forces would withdraw from the Pangong region in winter, but this time the Chinese army wants to seize Indian territory and is not backing down.

“ The echo system will be destroyed due to the increase in Indian human activities ”
Despite these actions by China, Global Times accuses India of ruining the Pangogue ecosystem. The Global Times quoted a four-year-old Indian report claiming that bacterial growth was occurring in Pangong Lake due to increased human activity around Pangong Lake. He said India had organized 10,000 tourists to stay in Maan village. The Chinese newspaper said India was rapidly increasing militarization near Lake Pangong. Apart from this, buildings and roads are being constructed in this area. India has built a military camp on Finger-3.

The Chinese newspaper said that the increase in Indian human activities around Lake Pangong would ruin the ecosystem. He claimed that China is trying to save the ecosystem of this lake. The Chinese newspaper claimed that the waste is taken and disposed of in the Chinese region. The Global Times said China’s militarization and tourist arrivals around Lake Pangong will render China’s efforts to save the lake pointless.

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