Global Times Says India To Withdraw For The First Time From Lake Pangong Tso In Ladakh – Chinese Media Says India To First Withdraw Army From South Side Of Lake Pangong In Ladakh

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The Global Times claimed that China-India had agreed to withdraw the army and said the two countries would soon implement an army withdrawal plan in turn. First withdraw your army
China’s official Silent Global Times has claimed that China and India have agreed to withdraw their weapons and weapons. The two countries will soon implement the plan to withdraw the armies in their turn. The Global Times claimed that the army’s withdrawal plan was being implemented on the basis that India had first illegally sent its army to the southern shore of Lake Pangong and that it should first withdraw its army.

The Global Times cited sources as saying that the decision to withdraw the armies would have no effect on the situation in the two countries on the line of control and border issues. Sources said China is committed to keeping peace along the border. At the same time, China maintains its vow to protect its national sovereignty and regional solidarity.

India, China decide to end LAC region’s impasse in East Ladakh

Refused the news of the Finger 4 retirement
Earlier Friday, Global Times denied reports of Finger 4’s Pangong Lake removal in Indian media. The Chinese newspaper said there was no consensus on the withdrawal of Indian and Chinese troops, tanks, cannons and armed vehicles from the forward fronts in eastern Ladakh. Global Times cited sources as claiming that such reports in Indian media were false. Global Times said it was not helpful for both sides to achieve their set goals.

Previously, Indian media had said that according to the mutual agreement between the two countries, the PLA would now push its Finger 8 troops eastward, while Indian soldiers would confront Dhan Singh between Finger 2 and Finger 3 from the side. Where is. Thapa will follow towards the post. This work will be done step by step. The area from Finger 3 to Finger 8 will be like a buffer zone that no one will patrol.

Consensus reached in 8th round of military talks
The two countries have made all the preparations for military struggle against each other in the Lake Pangong and Chusul areas. The agreement between the two countries to end this seven-month military impasse is seen as a major step towards restoring peace in the LAC. During the eighth round of military talks held on November 6 between the two countries, there was broad agreement to end tensions over the LAC.

Today, the forces of India and China are negotiating the roadmap to this effect. According to the plan, the withdrawal of the army and weapons will begin from the northern shore of Lake Pangong where the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China has occupied 8 km of land from Finger 4 to Finger 8 since early May. He was transformed into a fort.

There will be a separate discussion on the Despang region
There will be separate talks on the Despang Plains. Here, Chinese soldiers have prevented Indian soldiers from reaching their traditional patrol points for the past six months. A source said Despang’s problem is chronic. The first priority is to end the stalemate in the Pengong-Chusul Lake area. The time-bound process to end it can begin this month, provided its framework is decided. For this, daily talks take place via the hotline. At the same time, the next round of talks with Corps Commander Level is also due to take place.

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