Global Times Sikkim: Global Times warns India for northeast Taiwan: China’s threat to India in Taiwan will provoke northeast

Strong points:

China threatens Chinese propaganda newspaper, citing EXPART, warns of Taiwan’s support for India on Taiwan issue China will support separatism in northeastern states
The Taiwan question must be discussed in India, it is not at all acceptable to China. In an article by the Chinese propaganda newspaper Global Times, there is a direct warning that the dragon has many ways to harm India if it supports Taiwan. The newspaper quoted Secretary-General Liu Jongyi of the Research Center for China-South Asia Cooperation at the Shanghai Institute of International Studies as saying China can support separatist forces in the northeast.

‘India should be careful with China’
The Global Times says that the basis of bilateral agreements between the two countries is to respect the territorial integrity and collegiality of each. To treat Taiwan as a country apart is a violation of the ideal of bilateral relations. In such a situation, New Delhi should be alert to Beijing’s counteraction.

Liu told the Global Times that one step could be to consider Sikkim not to be part of India. The newspaper clearly wrote: “If India supports separatist forces in China, then China will also follow eye to eye and support separatist forces in northeast India.”

‘India should be worried about Corona’
The newspaper further wrote that India should not be worried about Taiwan, but the worsening corona virus outbreak. He alleged that when there are domestic issues in India, he begins to focus on the tensions with China in order to distract people’s attention. The newspaper wrote: “India should be a high potential developing country. Even in the midst of an epidemic, it continues to be the highest vaccine in the world. Unfortunately, he does himself harm by doing geopolitical tricks.

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