Global Times threatens India: Global Times flares with Brahma Chellani’s advice on Tibet, threatens Kashmir-Sikkim – China Global Times furious after Brahma Chellaney’s advice on Tibet to Indian government threatens Kashmir

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China has been enraged by defense analyst Brahma Chellani’s advice to India on Tibet. The Chinese dragon threatened India through the horns of its government on Sikkim and Kashmir. Chinese newspaper said if India changes the situation, China will give Sikkim Not considered
China has become enraged by the advice given by famous Indian defense analyst Brahma Chellani to the Indian government on Tibet. The Chinese dragon has threatened India against Sikkim and Kashmir through its official Sovereign Global Times. The Chinese newspaper quoted one of its experts as saying that if India changed its stance on Tibet, China would not consider Sikkim to be part of India. China will also change its perceived neutral stance on the Kashmir issue.

In fact, our associated newspaper Times of India published Brahma Chellani’s article on Tibet. In this article, Chellani, an expert on defense affairs, informed the government of India that India should once again take advantage of the American Tibet law against China, which it had lost earlier. Chellani said Tibet is a hotspot for China and if India is unwilling to take advantage of this Chinese vulnerability, at least it should stop supporting Chinese policy on Tibet.

“ Chelani plans according to American interests ”
On the advice of Brahma Chelani, China’s official horn boiled. The Global Times quoted Chinese analyst Long Xingchun as saying that Chellani has always been an opponent of China and we suspect he is an unofficial spokesperson for the United States. Chelani plans according to American interests and tries to combine Indian diplomatic policy with American policy. The Global Times alleged that by writing such articles Chellani was not only benefiting India but American interests.

The Chinese analyst said that this not only harms Indo-Chinese relations, but it is also not in India’s interest. Regarding the US Tibet law, the Global Times said the US is trying to harm Chinese interests. However, India will not directly follow US policy on the Tibet issue. India and China are neighboring countries and India has its own weakness. The United States cannot separate Tibet from China and is just trying to demean. If America can’t do this, how can India do it?

‘China can take advantage of Indian terrorist groups’
Long Shingchun said, “The border disputes between India and China do not appear to be resolved already. If India pushes China on the Tibet issue, it will be an open challenge to China’s main interests. China is stronger than India in almost every way and India is only digging the pit for itself. If India continues on the American route to Tibet, it will face Chinese retaliation. He said China could take advantage of terrorist groups operating in northeast India.

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