Global warming in Antarctica: a lake disappears in Antarctica

An ice-covered lake suddenly disappeared in Antarctica. Due to its sudden disappearance, 21 to 26 billion cubic feet of water poured into the ocean. This incident occurred in the Ameri Ice Shelf in East Antarctica in 2019. Scientists watched the lake disappear using a satellite. He discovered that in just three days he had been found in the ocean.

The principal investigator of the study on this phenomenon and glaciologist Roland Warner of the University of Tasmania says that the weight of the water in the lake was so high that the ice broke. This is called hydrofracture. Because of this, the water poured into the ocean. Studying such processes is not easy. Therefore, more information is needed about them.
Land ice: 53,000 km² of ice melts from the earth every year, scientists have issued a serious warning
risk of sea level rise
As the melting of lakes in Antarctica increases, researchers fear it will increase the volume of water and witness more fracking events. This can cause the ice to collapse and sea level rise. The team wrote in their study that Antarctica’s surface could melt twice as much by 2050. It also raised concerns concerning other ice shelves.

Earlier in the second study, scientists warned that each year, 53,000 km² of ice melts from the earth. Because of this, humans could face serious consequences in the times to come. He said that between 1979 and 2016, so much ice melted that it can fill the immense Lake Superior.

Snow changing color, rapid melting of glaciers, alarm bells!

Missing lake in Antarctica

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