global warming of the Tibetan plateau: global warming causes a rise in temperature in the Tibetan plateau region

Some time ago, a glacier burst incident in Chamoli, Uttarakhand, killed around 80 people. This incident dispelled the danger of global warming which threatened our Himalayan region. A recent study claimed that temperatures on the Tibetan Plateau will also rise faster than before. This can be a source of concern not only for this region, but also for the whole of Asia, including India. The region is called the “water tower of Asia”. The highest snow is found here, which becomes the water source for many Asian rivers.

The temperature will rise rapidly

Many climate-related models have been warned of the dangerous consequences of overheating. A recent study by Chinese researchers found that the temperature here may rise even more than previous estimates. Researcher Vengsia Zhang involved in the study reported that the Tibetan Plateau region could heat up to 2.25 ° C between 2041–2060 and 2.99 ° C between 2081–2100 in the event of carbon emissions moderate.

Crisis on these rivers

This will not only melt the glaciers, but shut down the water supply to billions of people, livestock and trees. The Indus River in Pakistan will cause problems for the Ganges and Brahmaputra in India and the Yellow and Yangje rivers in China. Differences in the flow of water in rivers can also cause natural disasters. There is a risk of sea level rise. This also leads to economic losses due to the impact on agriculture and power generation.

An avalanche occurs

Glaciers in the Himalayas are affected by climate change like glaciers in mountain ranges around the world. A Nature Geoscience report explained how the temperature in the Tibetan Plateau region rises as the humidity in the air increases, resulting in more snow in the winter. Avalanches cause winters in winter due to the increasing weight of snow. At the same time, the summer rainwater captures the cracks and produces landslides, and then an avalanche occurs.

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