god of chaos asteroid: “ god of chaos ” is approaching earth, collision will hit earth

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Scientists from the US space agency NASA have warned that the “asteroid of destruction” is approaching Earth, this enormous apophysical asteroid is rapidly growing in size and moving towards Earth orbit. Apophis can strike the Earth
Scientists at the US space agency NASA have warned that the giant asteroid called the “God of Destruction” is rapidly gaining momentum and heading towards Earth orbit. He said that within the next 48 years, this devastating asteroid could strike Earth. Astronomers at the University of Hawaii have confirmed that the giant asteroid Apophis is gaining momentum. Its collision will have an impact equivalent to 88 million tonnes of TNT.

Scientists have said that this asteroid could strike Earth on April 12, 2068. A collision can cause major disaster on Earth. This asteroid is about 1000 feet wide and its impact will be equal to 88 million tons of TNT. The asteroid Apophis was discovered by the Arizona Observatory on June 19, 2004. Since then, scientists have been eyeing this asteroid.

NASA released photos of Apophis

150,000 likely to strike the earth
Researchers detected Apophis via the Subaru telescope this year and, after analysis, found that it had gained momentum. It has been found that asteroids heat up in the sun. Astronomers have said this asteroid is expected to strike in 2068. NASA has described this asteroid as the third greatest threat. He says the probability of asteroids hitting Earth in the next 48 years is 150,000.

This asteroid is made of nickel and iron, and the red image shows that it is elongating. Its shape now becomes like peanuts. However, the researchers also said more analysis was still needed. Scientists are studying whether it will reach Earth in 2068. Previous research had indicated that the probability of hitting this asteroid was only 2.7%.

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