goes to alert level 4 and announces more drastic measures

Updated: Sunday, November 1, 2020 8:13 PM

Published on: 11/01/2020 19:16

The increase in health pressure and the number of coronavirus infections has raised the alert level in Asturias from three to four, which has led the regional government to announce that it will immediately adopt new measures to restrict mobility and social interactions.

A closure of the perimeter of the whole of the autonomous community and its three main municipalities is established in Asturias: Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés, and there is also a curfew between twelve in the evening and six in the morning, it is forbidden to hold meetings with more than six people and the hotel is closed at 11:00 p.m.

The announcement of new restrictions came in a day in which ten new deaths were added – four more than Friday – 73 hospitalizations, including thirteen in the intensive care unit and 282 new infections.

With this increase in income, 534 patients are positive or suspected of having coronavirus, and another 92 are hospitalized in intensive care beds. These data indicate that in just 24 cases, the number of ucis patients increased by ten and those hospitalized in the plant increased by ten after 26 hospital discharges were released throughout Saturday.

Among those who died yesterday, there are five women between 87 and 92 years old and as many men between 84 and 92 years old. After eight days during which more than 3,000 infections were detected and during which the deceased, hospitalized in ward and in intensive care, rose up, the Asturian government assured today that the situation in the region “is critical”.

The health pressure in some hospitals raises the “need to implement new containment measures and that is why the health authorities are working on the definition of new measures that will be agreed with the Ministry of Health and the Asturias crisis committee “.

These measures will aim “to intensify the decrease in mobility and personal interaction to avoid the increase in cases having an impact on the health system, announced the Principality, which specified that these measures will be implemented. work with the greatest ASAP.

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