Gold deposit in the sun: Gold deposits in the sun

Whether it is the global economy or just Indian traditions, the importance of gold has always been highest. A big reason behind this is its rarity. Interestingly, even though gold is one of the rarest metals on Earth, there is more gold in Earth’s oceans than anywhere else. This place is the center of our solar system, which is the sun. There are also many interesting stories and examples of scientific ability hidden behind how scientists discovered this gold deposit centuries ago.

The fire started at 16 km

An article in Astronomy magazine mentions a night in 1859 when famous chemists Robert Benson and Gustav Kirshoff saw a fire develop in the city of Mannheim in Germany. The blaze was 10 miles, or at least 10 miles, from his laboratory at the University of Heidelberg. In this incident, he had the idea to use his new spectroscope. Using this device, chemical elements can be identified by dividing light into different wavelengths. He fixed the spectroscope on the window itself and found barium and strontium in the flames. Robert, who designed the Benson burners used in laboratories around the world today, suggested that the same spectroscopy could be used on the sun and the atmospheres of bright stars.

the discovery of gold

About 10 years later, during a total solar eclipse on August 18, 1868, many astronomers discovered helium on the Sun using spectroscopy. After that, one by one, carbon, nitrogen, iron and other heavy metals were found in the sun’s atmosphere. One of them was gold. In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, as understanding of the Earth’s origin and history increased, the question also began to emerge: How did the sun and other stars shine for billions of years?

In long-standing research, scientists have discovered that there is 2.5 trillion tonnes of gold on the sun. So much gold could fill all of Earth’s oceans and yet it would be too much. Another interesting discovery was made later, in which it was found that the gold present on Earth today came from stars similar to the Sun becoming neutron stars and then colliding with each other.

How did you come to earth?

Indeed, when a star is in the last phase of its life, its core collapses and then a supernova explosion occurs. The outer layers of the star extend into space and during this the neutron capture reaction takes place. Most of the elements heavier than iron come from it. When two of these neutron stars collide, the neutron capture reaction produces strontium, thorium, uranium as well as gold. Since the formation of our universe, there have been many such collisions and they spilled gold into space which reached our earth. That is, gold is special not only because it is rare on Earth, but also because it descends directly from the stars to the ground.

The secret hidden in the layers of stars … Where the hell does the golden treasure come from?

The secret hidden in the layers of stars … Where the hell does the golden treasure come from?

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