Gold from water: gold made from water

Water is present in greater quantity on earth and the rarest is gold. Today, researchers have made “gold” out of water itself. This feat was achieved by physical chemists from the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague. He transformed water into a golden and shiny metal and that too with a unique technique. Usually, by putting too much pressure on something, it can turn into metal.

Can water become a metal?
The atoms or molecules present in them come together so closely that their outer electrons share and electricity can be conducted through them. The same can be done by applying 15 million atmospheric pressure to water, which is not possible in current lab technology. Pavel Jungworth, co-author of the new study, devised another method for this. He used alkali metals for electron sharing.

gold made of water

How did the experience go?
It is a group of reactive elements like sodium-potassium. However, it was also a challenge because on contact with water they turn into terrible explosives. For this, such an experiment was prepared so that the reaction slows down and does not explode. A syringe was filled with potassium and sodium, which are liquid at room temperature, and placed in a vacuum chamber.

… and became gold
After that, drops of this mixture were withdrawn from the syringes into which a small amount of vapor was administered. The water on these drops froze for a few seconds. As expected, the electrons from the droplets in the mixture moved through the water and the water turned golden for a few seconds.

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