Gold miners in China: miner rescued after gold mine crash in China: mineral rescued from gold mine in China

Chinese rescuers on Sunday discovered one of the miners trapped in the gold mine in eastern Shandong province since the explosion two weeks ago. The state-run Xinhua News Agency reported that the miner had grown very weak and rescuers were trying to get him out of the mine.

On January 10, 22 miners were trapped at a depth of about 600 meters after a gold mine exploded in Quitia in Yantai in the province. Rescuers were able to establish contact with only ten minors before Sunday. According to Xinhua News, the mental and physical condition of these miners is good. Although a minor is dead.

Many miners are now trapped
The Xinhua report said that efforts are underway to eliminate the trapped workers and, in the meantime, they are given normal food. It has been said that the remaining workers were initially given nutrient material, but rescuers can now reach them regularly for food and water. Clothing and other materials are also transported to those trapped in the mine. Rescuers estimate that it will take another two weeks for the workers to be evacuated safely.

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