gold monolith in colombia: secret of gold now found in america fear of aliens haunts colombians – gold monolith appears in colombia us after utah california romania locals fear aliens

The golden monolith has been seen in rural America in Colombia. After arriving at this pillar, a strange question began to crop up in the minds of the locals. Previously, the Secret First Pillar was seen in the American desert of Utah. After that, such pillars were seen in California, Romania and elsewhere. A total of 5 mysterious pillars have been seen in the world, 4 of which are silver in color, while the one found in Colombia is gold. Let’s know the whole story….

The golden pillar does not control all the poles?

After seeing Colombia’s secret gold pillar, there is now great fear among the locals. He says it’s not that this gold pillar controls the other 4 silver-colored pillars found so far. They wonder if this is a master monolith. The administration received this golden pillar at the weekend in Colombia, while another pillar was found on Krapton Beach. On the other hand, a metallic pillar in a silver color was also seen in the Kiekenberg nature reserve in the Netherlands. It was discovered on Sunday.

Colombians are afraid of aliens

In the Netherlands, people say that this metal pillar has no fingerprints. Not only that, there is no information on how this pillar got there. On the other hand, the Colombian people are tense after getting the gold pole. They are afraid that the job of placing these poles is not from the aliens. On the other hand, “The Most Famous Artist” took responsibility for these pillars that were put in place by Matty Moe. The group would sell three types of metal poles around the world. One of these pillars costs $ 45,000. Asked by Moe, he said that “the monoliths are now beyond his control.”

Donald Trump supporters uprooted a metal pole

Metal pillars that have been the subject of mysteries around the world have also been found in the US state of California. He was then knocked down and thrown out by right-wing youth. These young people replaced the wooden crosses (the sacred symbol of Christians) in place of metal poles. During this time, the young people launched slogans “America First” and “Christ is King” (Jesus Christ is King). He also made the entire event live on social media. This mysterious metal pillar had risen to the top of the Pine Mountains in California. A young man said, “Jesus Christ is the King of this land. We don’t want illegal aliens from Mexico or the outside world. After a lot of effort, they uprooted this very heavy pillar. After that, these young people put wooden crosses there. He tied the metal poles to the rope and pushed him down the hill.

Mysterious pillar has been seen in Utah and Romania

Earlier in November, a 12-foot-tall metal pole was discovered in the Utah desert. After its discovery, discussions between ordinary people and researchers intensified where it came from. It began to be described from the art of performing to the manual labor of the alien. However, he disappeared a few days later. 24 hours after its disappearance, the pole appeared in Romania, in Europe. Now that pole has disappeared from there too and has appeared in California, United States. The pillar in Romania measured about 2.8 meters. Local journalist Robert Isab said the pillar found in the old fort was stealthily planted, it was removed. He said that an unknown person, probably the local welder, may have built it and now its place is just a pit.

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