Golden Fruits: Durian Musang King from Malaysia, a harvest of fruits as precious as gold:

There is a special fruit in Southeast Asia – durian. The more it tastes, the worse the smell. Its smell is so bad that it is forbidden in Thailand, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong to transport it on public transport. Despite this, the demand for this fruit is so high that a kilo of fruit can cost Rs 2000. This is why they are even called “gold on a tree”. Now, behind that gold, a war has broken out between Malaysian farmers and the government-backed consortium.

China has shown interest

Musang King is a special species of Durian. From one of his trees, the farmer can earn 1000 dollars or about 75 thousand rupees per year. The city of Raub in Malaysia would be its stronghold. However, according to the Insider Science report, 15,000 trees were cut down by the forestry department in July. According to reports, demand for durian here has increased in China, which took most of the fruit from Thailand but has now dealt with Malaysia. For this reason, their price has increased.

Now the government remembered

So far, the government, which has not interfered in their agriculture, has started to give. In fact, most of the trees were planted on government land and farmers say they have been trying to get their fields legally for many years, but their applications are pending. The government has never questioned it either, but farmers say that seeing the benefits of exports, their jobs are now being cut. In the midst of all this, a dispute arose with the Royal Pahang Durian group. It is in agreement with the government Ministry of Agriculture. It also includes members of the country’s royal family and the Sultan’s daughter herself is its president.

water on the hard work of farmers

Last year the government gave him 5,500 acres of land, when farmers already had 1,000 Musang King trees here. The organization told the farmers that their land could be leased and for that they would have to pay a fee of $ 1,400 for one acre at a time, but in return the farmers would have to sell their crops to the organization itself. for about $ 8.6 per kg. This was not acceptable to the farmers as they are currently selling their crops for around $ 13 per kg.

Profit or slavery?

In this regard, the farmers wondered why the government gave the land to the organization, why not to those farmers who have worked here for 30 to 40 years and who have made a brand of this special fruit through their hard work. The organization says it wants to benefit farmers and secure their rights, when farmers have called it a slavery plot.

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