González Laya wonders about the “occurrence” of the Community of Madrid to negotiate the Sputnik V vaccine

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, Arancha González Laya, has clearly expressed her position on the negotiation that the Community of Madrid has conducted with representatives of the Sputnik V vaccine to discuss a possible purchase.

In an interview with “El Periódico”, González Laya described these meetings as “events”. “Es un ocurrencia imaginar that cuando hay un sistema de compras europeo, de repente una comunidad autónoma de un país goes to decidir saltarse este regimen europeo”, critica la ministra, más si cabe con una vacuna que no ha sido autorizada ni en Europa ni In Spain.

Asked about the extradition of Carles Puigdemont, Clara Ponsatí and Toni Comín, she recalled that the European Parliament approved the lifting of immunity and that it was “smart on the part of the Spanish justice to raise a question before the European Court of Justice so that it is decided how the order in euros works and what is the margin of appreciation of a country during its execution. “

Regarding the rebound in positive cases of COVID-19, he defended that Spain acts with caution and that more lax measures in the summer will depend – he says – on the effort of the weeks to come: “We must be very constant in the maintenance keeps it in these moments when we can already see the light at the end of the tunnel, ”he added.

He assured that the revival of the tourism sector was “at the center of the Government’s priorities since the start of the pandemic”, and predicted that the vaccination certificates will be implemented, at the latest, in mid-June, and allow mobility to be recovered.

For the minister, the European recovery funds will reflect “the Spanish territorial diversity” and its capacity to promote new transformation projects, as well as a new modernization of the economy and the social fabric.

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