Goodbye to eternal meetings in Microsoft Teams – Microsofters

Meetings are spent face-to-face at a distance. Yet the old manias of long or unnecessary meetings have not been lost. Also, the problem is that with Microsoft Teams there is no limit to meetings and that can make them everlasting. That’s why the next Teams upgrade will be a hit with those of you who suffer from endless meetings.

Microsoft Teams meetings might have a time limit

Dedicated to people who like to linger in meetings, this new feature is coming to Microsoft Teams. The problem, even if a meeting time is set, is that meetings can be extended indefinitely.

As you can see in the image above, filtered by Aggiornamenti Lumia, we will soon be able to set the duration of meetings to limit them and thus be able to choose the necessary time. Gone are those unusually long meetings that end up tiring even the speaker in the end.

We know this was a hotly requested feature because friends and colleagues have told us that this issue is very common. While Microsoft’s comments are separate, it seems to be very clear about user needs. The topic of meetings was key and Microsoft is finally coming up with a solution to this problem.

Teams continue to be a key part of Microsoft’s future and already have their own hardware. Its future is very bright and very soon we will be announcing news about the future of Teams. But, it was essential to solve this problem.

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