“Goodbye” to outdoor masks: are we ready?

Posted: Friday June 18 2021 12:19 PM

The masks already have an expiration date outside in Spain. June 26 will be the first day in over a year that Spaniards will not be required to wear a mask in open spaces. This was announced by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, during an appearance by the Cercle d’Economia.

But are we really prepared for this important step in the fight against the pandemic? The news, long awaited by many, can also worry the most cautious.

According to some experts such as Carlos Aibar, professor of public health, or Óscar Zurriaga, vice-president of the Spanish Society of Epidemiology, at the end of May, Spain was already in a situation where the use of masks outside can be relaxed. These are places in the open air, where ventilation is continuous.

Speaking to laSexta, Natalia Ortega, director of Activa Psicología, anticipated that this measure would mean “a very important change characterized by fear”, despite the exhaustion and the desire to remove the mask that many people share. “There will be people who will continue with the mask even in open spaces,” predicted the specialist.

Already in mid-May, Fernando Simón began to consider this possibility, although the health ministry called to wait until at least 50% of the population is vaccinated and the minister, Carolina Darias, insisted on taking measurements.

According to government forecasts, this week 15 million people will be vaccinated with the full schedule, so it is not hasty to say that by the end of next week the figure could reach over 40% of the population. to be vaccinated.

Currently, 34% of people over 16 have received the full regimen, while 55.7% already have at least one dose. That is to say that 22 million of the 40 who make up the “target” population have already started the path of vaccination.

The incidence of COVID-19 cases in Spain has also been trending downward for months. In fact, the cumulative incidence was less than 100 cases on June 16 for the first time since August 2020.

A situation in which the Government considers that this measure can be applied. Thus, President Pedro Sánchez wished to underline the positivity of this news. “This time the optimists are going to get it right and they might even fail. Spain will exceed all their forecasts,” said Sánchez, who insisted that the vaccination “is proceeding at an increasing rate. intense and the economy is on the rise. “, so” the masks will start to come down. “

“Our faces will return to their normal appearance in the next few days. We will once again enjoy a life on the streets without masks, and we are doing it because we scrupulously meet all the milestones,” said the president, who said that ‘he was “optimistic”, although “caution” had always prevailed in him.

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