Goodbye to palm oil

Fat is, along with carbohydrates and proteins, a necessary macronutrient that must be present in any diet. Whenever appropriate, of course, healthy food and in its proper measure, since its daily consumption provides the necessary amount of essential fatty acids for the body. The fats that are beneficial to health, that is, healthy or neutral fats, are found naturally in foods such as virgin olive oil and other vegetable oils, avocado, nuts, seeds, eggs, blue fish and dairy products.

Precisely one of the most used oils in the food sector is of vegetable origin. It is palm oil, present in a wide variety of prepared dishes, ice cream, sauces, margarines, cookies, pastries, pizza, chocolates, confectionery, snacks , bread sticks … On the one hand, it is an inexpensive ingredient and, in turn, provides a smooth, creamy and consistent texture to foods, especially processed foods. However, its composition is of inferior quality.

For this reason, EROSKI has gone one step further in improving the quality of its products and has removed palm fat from all of its private label products. To achieve this, it has replaced it with other fats with a better nutritional profile. It was four years ago when EROSKI decided, completely freely and voluntarily, to dispense with this oil in order to facilitate a healthier eating model for its customers. In 2018, the cooperative included this decision in one of its ten commitments in favor of the health and sustainability. Today, EROSKI , in collaboration with 43 manufacturers and after intensive work, has removed palm fat from 308 own products that can be purchased in its stores and in its channel online . One more advance in the nutritional improvement that the firm has sought since its inception.

Productos 100% libres de grasa de palma en el hipermercado EROSKI Artea (Leioa, Bizkaia).
Products 100% palm fat free in the EROSKI Artea hypermarket (Leioa, Bizkaia).

In fact, EROSKI already deleted 12 partially hydrogenated fats years. Its fundamental commitment is to promote a balanced diet.

This formula reflects its philosophy, whose model is based on the fact that its own brand has the best nutritional qualities. The cooperative has been reformulating its products since 2013, which has contributed to fighting diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cholesterol or hypertension.

Fats play a very important role within our body, so in no case should they be suppressed, and even less in the daily diet of the little ones

Essential in the diet

The truth is that fats have very important functions within our body, so in no case they should be eliminated, even less in the diet of the little ones. They provide essential fatty acids that the body cannot produce, they serve to absorb vitamins A, D, K and E, they generate energy and improve the taste and texture of food.

The key is to distinguish which are the healthy fats and incorporate them naturally into our diet. Nor do you need to be an expert nutritionist or measure everything that goes into your plate in detail. Just take note of some very useful recommendations:

• It is essential that you incorporate healthy foods into the daily menu. You know: seasonal fruits and vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, whole grains, legumes, natural dairy products, fish, white meats and nuts (better raw or toasted, without added salt).

• Buy fresh foods and, if they are processed, keep them as little as possible (for example, canned vegetables, canned vegetables, pickles or cold soups).

• Do not abuse fried and choose healthier cooking methods: in water, grilled or broiled, oven or steamed.

If you choose those fats that are found in food naturally, you have a lot of cattle. And if you have any doubts, check the nutritional labeling of the products. The nutritional traffic light included in the EROSKI products gives us the necessary information about the amount of total fat and saturated fat that the product includes and they also have the Nutri-Score to help you choose. In this way, you will avoid those that are less recommended.

More information about palm fat in Consumer.

Un puñado de frutos secos, crudos o tostados, representa una alternativa muy saludable.
A handful of nuts, raw or toasted, represents a very healthy alternative. fcafotodigital / Getty Images

Yes to nuts

Some ideas to include healthy fats of plant origin in your daily meals and dinners They go through foods such as avocado, blue fish (such as tuna, bonito, anchovies or salmon), extra virgin olive oil, seeds, eggs….

And don’t forget the nuts. Do you know that it is more than advisable to take a handful of almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts or peanuts every day? Raw or toasted they are a very healthy option. Important: children under the age of five should never eat them whole, as they could choke. In addition, you can take them alone or incorporate them into numerous recipes. In salads, as an accompaniment to vegetables, in fish and meat, in cheese boards with cereals, of course in desserts and even to make spreads. Its versatility in the kitchen is great.

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