Goodbye to the parties that changed the political council? The scenario painted by the elections in Madrid

Publication: Saturday May 8, 2021 3:56 PM

The elections in Madrid, experts say, leave consequences at the national level for those who led the end of bipartisanship. This is what political scientist Paloma Román Marugán told LaSexta, who believes that the new political parties entering the council are undergoing “greater turbulence” than these “established” forces.

Madrid were the last sign of the Ciudadanos’ wear and tear and perhaps the most resounding: they went from being vice-president to lack of representation. For political scientist Ignacio Jurado, his result sends a clear message: “The citizens lost their hole on the right by moving towards the center and when they tried to get closer to the center, this hole no longer exists.

The results of the Community of Madrid also leave Podemos touched, who has brought forward his Fourth National Congress to decide who will lead the purple formation after the departure of Pablo Iglesias, a march that may significantly affect the upcoming general elections.

“By removing Iglesias, we may think that the Podemos ceiling is higher, but we are removing this safety net that with Iglesias there are voters who would always vote,” Jurado told LaSexta. This panorama raises a question: will we return to bipartisanship?

For Ignacio Jurado, “we are heading towards an asymmetric two-party system”. “It is difficult that in such a complicated situation, only two parties can respond to such a different society,” explains Paloma Román. Therefore, regardless of whether citizens or Podemos occupy this new loophole, there is a demand from citizens to continue with a multi-party system, according to experts.

On the other hand, there is Más País, whose challenge is to set up a structure at the national level and at the same time to benefit from the good results of Madrid. Vox, despite having one more seat in Madrid, is further away than ever in Madrid, which may be the first stop on a summit.

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