Google and Microsoft join forces to help PWAs succeed

We already know that the issue of apps has always been a problem for Microsoft. The Redmond giant has always lagged behind in terms of apps and that’s why they strive to make progressive web apps, or PWAs, more proficient in Microsoft Edge every day. The ultimate goal is for the difference between the two solutions to be zero, but there is still a long way to go.

The Next Step in Standardizing Edge PWAs

All of this comes from the technical documentation of Microsoft itself. The next step in homogenizing PWA apps is to remove the Microsoft Edge title bar and give web developers control over it. So, we eliminate the top bar related to Edge and we only have one bar from a native app.

“This feature allows developers to create web applications that make the best use of screen space and allows them to design their application to look more like a native application. As devices get smaller for portability, the title bar consumes more of the screen, leaving less room for the user to interact with the app, ”said Amanda Baker of the team. Microsoft Edge.

On the other hand, if we zoom in, this bar will also be an even bigger obstacle. Amanda herself has indicated that instead of leaving the title bar blank, a developer can use this area with useful content such as a custom logo, search bar, or navigation controls.

The alliance between Google and Microsoft wants to give more control over this area to developers by integrating a new feature in Windows Control Overlay. We’re going to see what the folks at Microsoft and Google have set for themselves.

Web developers must have access to the title bar area in a progressive web app. The application window should have basic controls including minimizing, closing, and moving the window. Edge should offer window layout controls depending on the operating system.

This will continue to reduce the differences between native apps and PWA apps. For the moment, it is available in Chrome: // flags and should arrive very soon on Microsoft Edge.

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