Google and Microsoft will fix YouTube problems on Windows

Sometimes the stars align and big tech companies put their differences aside to work for a common goal. This time, Google and Microsoft are working together to fix an issue with YouTube audio in Windows.

Google and Microsoft are working to fix YouTube issues

The information comes from Dale Curtis, who works in HTML5 Media at Google. Dale says YouTube receives hundreds of complaints every day and 95% of them are from Windows users who say the video is playing without sound. The positive part is that all three associated issues were found:

User errors: User accidentally turned on mute state on YouTube. System Problems: Accidentally, a device has a problem. For example, if a user has two monitors and only one audio output, they can use the monitor without audio output. Driver issues: Driver issues can cause audio interruptions. Of course, Windows is the only operating system with ODM integration. By having multiple audio outputs (HDMI, monitors with independent volumes, USB cards) we have new ways to fail audio.

It was at this point that Dale proposed that Microsoft and YouTube work together to check for drivers and issues that can prevent audio from working. And for his part, Samuel Dallstream, a Microsoft employee, took the gauntlet and they will work together:

This is a bug where work specifically related to connecting platform application level audio changes to Chromium needs to be tracked. This will allow Chromium-based browsers to fix user issues that the browser is on low volume or muted, without this state being visible in the browser.

One of the first improvements offered by Dallstream for Chrome is to improve the volume control in Chromium. Adding this with notifications can alert us on any Chromium based browser if there is an audio issue and a quick fix. This type of business-to-business alliance is great news because it directly benefits users.

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