Google begins to implement dark theme in its search engine

The search engine par excellence finalizes the arrival of a dark channel on our browsers. Until now the dark theme has been available in several apps but when we opened the browser the search engines left us blind with their nuclear target. But Google, after performing a series of tests, is ready to offer us its search engine with the dark theme.

Google will soon turn to the dark side

While not yet widely implemented, Google is actively working on bringing full dark mode to Google search on the desktop. Through another A / B test, we found that Google search dark mode will follow our system theme on your desktop.

If you open an incognito window in Chrome, you may have a new message in your search. A sidebar says “dark theme is now available” and prompts users to activate settings quickly and easily with a shortcut button. In particular, the icon that is used is familiar to us, it could have been used earlier in the tests.

In the search settings, Google offers users the option to match dark mode to the theme of the system on the desktop, which is not very common with Google history. While many Google products have dark mode on the web, most of them need to be enabled manually. Based on A / B testing, it looks like Google search will only match the general theme of your device. Another notable example of this functionality in a web application is Google’s “My Activity” page.

Another surprise is that this feature is coming to Windows 10 and macOS, and it’s coming to Chromium-based browsers, such as Safari and Edge, as well as other browsers.

In this case, we didn’t notice any design changes to the overall look of Dark Mode in Google Search this time around. The giant still opts for a dark gray background over real black, using white elements to contrast with the background, as well as a slight blur for the various icons and links. As previously stated, dark mode still did not work on all pages.

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