Google Chrome will be compatible with Windows 10 data backup

We live in a world where mobility has ceased to be a pipe dream and become normal. Something that has no doubt been possible thanks to the evolution of portable equipment and the improvement of connections via the Internet.

This is why Microsoft, aware of this, has introduced into its operating system a mechanism capable of recognizing when one is connected to a mobile network and acting accordingly, reducing data consumption. Something very important if we don’t want our data throughput to be heavily strained when making small connections.

Windows 10 will force Google Chrome to reduce data consumption

However, despite Windows 10 and most apps sticking to the medium-duty network system, Google Chrome didn’t do the same. Something that prevented the Microsoft operating system from reducing the data consumption made from the Mountain View browser.

This process is done through a WinRT API which is used by the vast majority of applications. However, Microsoft has proposed to remedy this by introducing “GetConnectionCost” in the NetworkChangeNotifier class, which will allow all Internet-connected applications to reduce data usage even if they do not use the WinRT API.

While he hasn’t left Google, the fact that Chrome is starting to stick to average usage connections and reduce data usage in those situations is great news. Especially when you take into account that Google Chrome is the most used web browser today. What do you think of this news?

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