google map blunders: the man gets the wrong wedding venue with google map navigation

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Barat reached the wrong bride’s house in Indonesia by Google Map error
Sometimes excessive reliance on technology also becomes a reason for deception. Something similar happened in Indonesia with a barat. In fact, on the wedding day, Barat resorted to Google Map to reach the bride’s house, but this technology led him to the bride’s wrong house. Initially, not even the bride’s family members had the idea of ​​a bad marriage. It is a matter of honor that in due course the whole affair came to light and even a bad marriage was avoided.

Google map led to a bad house
As reported by the Indonesian Tribune News, Barat was supposed to travel to the hamlet of Losari in the Pakij district in central Java. For this, Barat used Google Map. At first they would go straight to their destination, but later this technology took them to the nearby hamlet of Jangkol. In fact, these two areas are two areas of the same village, so even the map couldn’t tell the difference between them.

The truth revealed after breakfast and water
Seeing Barat’s arrival, the girl’s family members were very hospitable. He made a long journey and had breakfast and water for the Baratis. Meanwhile, during the conversation, one of the bride’s family members realized the mistake. When he started asking questions, the whole thing came to light. After which both sides admitted their mistake and Barat happily walked away from there.

Bride’s phone call prevents bad marriage
The wife of 27, ULFA, recounted that shortly after Barat arrived, my family greeted her with a gift. Until then, he didn’t realize it was a bad marriage. When I saw these people, I was surprised, because I didn’t know any of them. After which I called my future husband. So they said they were always looking for a toilet on the way.

The good house has been delivered
When this bride gave this information to her family members, they were also shocked. Speaking to people involved in Barat, they said that due to Google Map they had reached the wrong house. Because two nights were going to arrive in this village that night. After which, the family members of the ULFA bride brought this barat back to their rightful home.

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