google revenue sharing: under pressure from australia, google finally paid defeat, will pay to view news – google opens paid australian news platform

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Google will protest Australian government’s decision to pay media for the Australian year; Google opposes the government’s decision to pay institutions; Google Launches Information Storefront Platform in Australia; will pay seven media institutions
Google eventually agreed to pay Australian media institutions money for the information. The US-based tech company on Friday launched a platform called News Showcase, which paid for the news. Google previously opposed legislation to pay Australian government media institutions. However, he has now agreed to pay money for the news by dealing with seven media institutions, including the Canberra Times.

Google launches news showcase in Australia
The news showcase was already rolled out by Google in June last year in Brazil and Germany. But Google, owned by Alphabet Inc., suspended it after Australian media were given mandatory payment terms. Australia has given a similar order to Facebook. Google has 53% of the online advertising market and 23% of Facebook. There is also a provision to impose heavy penalties on the two companies for failure to comply with this law.

Google threatened Australia
Google threatened Australia a few days ago to shut down its search engine if it was forced to pay local publishers for the information. In contrast, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morison said he was not responding to threats. After that, Google made it clear that the Australian government would not give up this law at any cost.

This bill is still hanging in the Australian Parliament
In Australia, this legislation, known as the Media Bargaining Code, is currently under review by the parliamentary committee. The vote will also take place in Parliament after long discussions. The Australian government, while introducing the bill, said it would be a major reform. It will be the first time in the world and the world is watching what is happening here in Australia.

Google did not provide any information about the agreement
Google’s Australia News Showcase has gone live. To use it, Google will now pay the media institutions it deals with. However, financial details of the deal regarding news content were not disclosed. The Canberra Times editor has yet to comment.

Gone are the days of Google-Facebook, which made money by distributing other people’s news for free, Australia rules
Corona was shocked by the media industry
Due to the corona virus, not only Australia, but dozens of newsrooms have been closed in many countries around the world. Now Australia will take the immediate legal route. According to the Australian government, equality is necessary when multinational digital platforms abandon their monopoly position.

Google threatens Australia to shut down search engine, replies PM Morris
Google and Facebook are also gaining a lot in India
Facebook and Google had earned around 70% (Rs 11,500 crore) of their online advertising revenue in India in 2018-2019. In 2022, this market will rise to Rs 28,000 crore.

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