Google Sundar Pichai to steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal races Indian diaspora to help India in Covid 19 crisis: Sunder Pichai, Laxmi Mittal Corona Mahatrasadi keeps India breathe, helping Indians around the world

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By becoming a beacon of Indian hope for the millions of Indians living in the Corona crisis, whether they are industrialists like Umeresundar Pichai or people of common Indian descent, everyone is united today and night. People of Indian descent like Oxygen Constructors to save lives Ship medical equipment to washington
Indians living abroad have become a beacon of hope for millions of people in India struggling with the coronary heart virus. Everyone is a day and a night to stop the breath of India, whether it is legendary industrialists like Sundar Pichai, Lakshmi Niwas Mittal or people of common Indian descent. These Indians are not only sending medical supplies like oxygen builders to save the lives of Indians, but they are also lobbying their governments to come forward to help India.

Not only that, people of Indian descent collect large amount of money and donate to institutions which help Indian Corona victims. Although the severity of the epidemic in India is hampering their efforts, Indians are emboldened. Jaspreet Rai, who lives in New York, USA from Punjab, is the mistress of Sanrai International, which manufactures oxygen contractors.
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“ 30,000 thousand oxygen manufacturers will send to India ”
Jasprit Rai says, “This is probably the most difficult time for our workers.” Rai said 100 of his employees are united day and night and by the end of this month 30,000 oxygen builders will be sent to India. He said the Indian people are struggling to save their breath. Rai said his company typically exports 1,500 oxygen manufacturers each year, but given the crisis in India, they have increased production by leaps and bounds.

There are millions of Indians like Rai sending aid to India from all over the world. The second wave of corona virus has wreaked havoc in India right now and around 4 lakh cases are reported every day. People of Indian descent are raising money, lobbying their governments to send needed medical supplies to India and saving millions of lives.
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Indians feel helpless, they are very strong
According to Venkatesh Shukla, of Indian origin, “Indians today need doctors and hospitals. I have been trying to find out for the past three or four days how I can help in this crisis. Like millions of Indians, we want to do something. But those who help immediately cannot find a solution. Even after this disappointment, Venkatesh is optimistic and wants to help his people. Likewise, another Indian living in Chicago, Sudhir Ravi, wants to donate 11 industrial grade oxygen generators to hospitals in India, which will provide oxygen to 50,000 people for the next 6 months.

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Not only that, billionaires of Indian descent are also donating sincere money to help Indians in this difficult time. Tech investor Vinod Khosla is keen to ship the plane, while Google CEO Sundar Pichai has spent an eight million dollar crore on crown victims and medical supplies. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has vowed that her company will build a network for needed supplies. Steel King Lakshmi Niwas Mittal, Karan Bilimoria and British Indians living in Britain send aid to India. Billionaires of Indian origin Mohsin and Zubair Issa in the UK have provided $ 3.5 million in aid to four hospitals in the Indian state of Gujarat. Both are from Gujarat.

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