Google will not be able to sell alternative search engines on Android

The Mountain View giant has shown unprecedented frivolity with the sanction imposed on Android. Google was forced to offer alternatives to Google Chrome and its own browser, and neither short nor lazy offered alternatives, but you had to pay to be there in an auction format for the top positions. But the European Commission will no longer allow it.

Google will not be able to take advantage of the European Union’s sanction

It’s so surprising that Google offered an auction in different countries to comply with a settlement against a penalty that they took a long time to change that. It is as if Microsoft had taken advantage of its famous penalty with the Internet Explorer affair.

Google took advantage of this situation to offer the main companies to pay for it in exchange for the positioning of their search engine or browser as an alternative to users. Microsoft itself has been banned from these auctions on several occasions due to refusal to join a sanction speculation. Although it was positioned in 13 markets as the first option.

Now, based on discussions with the European Commission, Google will have to make changes to its screen of choice. Different search providers should be posted at no cost for this. The search engine company has indicated that it will increase the number of alternatives on the choice screen. Of course, we’ll have to wait until September of this year to see the changes.

Fortunately, it seems that most of the search engines did not succumb to Google’s ploy. If you look at the list above, most countries had 3 of the possible 4 alternative search engines. Fortunately, now Google must comply with the imposed sanction and without taking advantage of it. We hope they won’t do anything else with the new solution.

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