Gorilla Beating Chest: Gorilla Beating Chest to Show Power and Attract Females: Gorillas are beaten for demonstrating power and seducing females

Gorillas hit their chest, it has been seen, but why are they doing this? Scientists have confirmed based on a study that the larger the male gorilla, the faster and more vigorously he beats his chest. It makes him tell others how powerful he is. Thanks to this, he also seduces female gorillas. It is an important means of connectivity in dense tropical forests.

Shows the vastness of the body
Male gorillas beat their chests so fast that their voice can be heard up to a mile away. Edward Wright of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, says men challenge other competitors and try to attract women. For the first time, it has been confirmed that the beating of the chest shows the vastness of the body.

A gorilla society consists of one male gorilla and several females in a group. Females move from group to group to reproduce, and males compete with each other to attract them. Male gorillas measure body fighting and fertility. They learn to beat and to sew.

Can be identified
Research published in Scientific Reports stated that large gorillas make loud noises, which have low frequencies. They can’t throw it away. These sounds are believed to depend on the size of the airbags in their voicemail boxes. Different gorillas produce beats at different times. In other words, they can be identified on the basis of this.

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