gorilla glue challenge: plastic cup stuck on face due to gorilla glue viral challenge: cup affixed to gorilla glue viral challenge

Tesica Brown from Louisiana, US, chatted a lot on social media a few days ago. At the end of the hairspray he applied Gorilla Glue which couldn’t come out even after hard work. Finally, she was able to get through this terrible phase with the help of a plastic surgeon. However, Len Martin, also from Louisiana, did not believe Tesica and decided to use the glue himself. Hardly anyone left the lane on what happened next.

Nose cut
Len applied a red plastic cup to his nose using glue. He also posted the video on social media while placing the cup. The video shows Len trying to get the mug out, but doesn’t come out and that’s where the video ended. In the following photo, Lane is in the hospital and the mug is still on his face.

Lane said he felt Tesica was lying and now he regretted why he had tried her. Doctors removed his cut but Lane was in great pain. He says others shouldn’t take on such a challenge.

Hair sticks for a month
Tesika posted her video in early February stating that she had applied Gorilla Glue to her hair and was not coming off. He then said Glu had been in his hair for a month. We also see her washing her hair but without effect. Finally, a plastic surgeon parted the hair in a special way.

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