Gossip from senior retired army officers calling for “26 million motherfuckers” to be shot and coup d’état

Publication: Wednesday, December 2, 2020 11:03

“There is no choice but to start shooting 26 million sons of bitches”, “26 million bullets are needed” or “What a pity not to be active to hijack a hot flight from Las Bárdenas towards the headquarters of these sons of bitch “. These are some of the messages that senior officials have retired from the Air Force, belonging to Class XIX, which reveal the navy’s affinities for the far right and which were published by infoLibre.

In the messages accessed by this newspaper, there are many references to executions, military “declarations” (coups d’état) or slogans against the independence parties. One of the attendees even sent an audio message from far-right leader Santiago Abascal: “Hello, I am Santi Abascal and they tell me that it is obligatory to greet this group. A hug to everyone and long live the Spain!” .

“I read it [un libro de Pío Moa, ‘Mitos de la Guerra Civil’], like a beautiful appearance, and if what he says is true (for me it is true) there is no other choice but to start shooting 26 million son of a bitch, ”explains in the ‘one of the messages sent a former major general, Francisco Beca, signatory of a letter addressed to the king by the 39 members of the promotion.

In the letter, the signatories attacked the government by invoking “the harassment of justice” for the draft law reforming the General Judicial Council: “a serious threat to the separation of powers”.

“Something (legal or illegal) against these motherfuckers”

However, at the same time, other participants raised the possibility of “doing something (legal or illegal)” against the separatists of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC). They are retired colonels Ángel Díaz Rivera and Andrés González Espinar:

González Espinar: “One day … the filibusters of the ANC whore [Asamblea Nacional Catalana]… they will pay for this and other things … “

Díaz Rivera: “Someday … someone will have to start doing something (legal or illegal) against these son of a bitch.”

González Espinar: “What a shame … not to be active in diverting a hot flight from Las Bárdenas to the headquarters of these sons of bitches ..”

Díaz Rivera: “Each time they will insult and offend more (where it hurts the most) as long as it is free. The level of dressage they have achieved with the Spaniards (all) is unmatched. Like the monkeys in the triptych, we neither see nor hear nor speak ”.

“I prefer that the Republic repeat the maneuvers of 36”

Other messages from General Beca speak of “the extirpation of cancer”, of staying “short by shooting 26 million” or that the Republic prefers “because we will have more opportunities to redo the maneuvers of 36”:

– “I think I did not succeed, pulling 26 million !!!!!!!!”

– “I prefer the Republic because we will have more opportunities to redo the maneuvers of 36.”

– The “maneuvers of the 36” “allowed a few years of progress even if some had difficulty. Spain is full of ungovernable peoples and the only possible way is to cultivate people, which is impossible with the left. is sad but this is the Spanish reality “

– “As it is, the only way to stop it is to eliminate cancer !!!!!”

– “No [fueron las únicas sublevaciones] but only those of Primo de Rivera and that of Irrépétable [en referencia a Franco] they brought peace and prosperity to Spain ”.

– “Spanish society is divided and the good guys are more cowardly than the bad guys today. It only remains (unfortunately) to repeat history”

– “I don’t want to discourage you, but with words nothing can be changed at this point.”

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