govern with the “borrowed vote” and “that the illusion does not stop and continues throughout Spain”


Updated: Wednesday, May 5, 2021 3:07 PM

Published on: 05.05.2021 15:06

In her first speech to her party’s leadership positions, the newest winner of the Community of Madrid elections and current interim president Isabel Díaz Ayuso wasted no minute pushing her plan and strategy forward.

“I had a lot of borrowed voices,” he commented to the PP National Executive Committee. “From those who voted for the first time, also and for people who had never looked at us, and who saw us put the efforts of society before our own”, he smiled, under applause from his colleagues.

And how will she retain those who chose her for the first time? With Ilusion. “Let this illusion not stop. I want it to continue throughout Spain. It is a national mission,” Ayuso asked Pablo Casado and the rest of the party leadership, including the barons. regional. “The board of directors has changed, the illusion has returned. The citizens love this message of freedom.”

At first glance, it may seem difficult to combine the message of knocking new voters off its spectrum and staying loyal to the party. But, of course, this is not in the eyes of the popular president, who certified that Ayuso is “pure PP”. “Isabel is a pure popular party on all four sides,” he smiles.

The calm after the unbridled euphoria was the main theme in Genoa on Wednesday. Ayuso, in his speech, commented that, precisely, illusion was the driving force behind his campaign. “I hadn’t noticed it for a long time that I hadn’t done it”, especially among young people.

“There is a career,” said the president of Madrid, thanks to “the passion for freedom and a series of essential principles in the face of leftist discourses, such as revolutions or the easy sale of the feeling that later generates so much frustration Youth was seen again represented in the PP, in the liberal policy of Madrid ”.

So, in his eyes, there has been a change in the political cycle, with a headwind for his party. “A very promising scenario is opening up before us”, she had an impact, to signal a problem to Moncloa: that, according to her, we must now fight against the certainty “that, except for demographic aspects, politics, there is nothing in this government. “

But in the arena that corresponds to it, the Assembly of Madrid, will no longer compete with the PSOE opposite. The opposition leader is Mónica García, the candidate for Más Madrid, who, although tied with Ángel Gabilondo, received more votes. “I am concerned that the Podemos brothers are in opposition in Madrid. They are dealing with something, but they are the same. We have not come this far to come back to the same.”

Pablo Casado, for his part, in his subsequent speech praised Ayuso’s figure and almost feat. The sense of the party goes in the same direction and, above all, he underlined that “each vote is an exemplary and firm vote of commitment”.

“Today, we are already the first force, because we have united the majority of the center-right to the PP and we have opened up to voters from other parties, without renouncing our principles and values. We have collected all the votes of the Cs and opened a waterway in the PSOE ”, analyzed the president of the PP.

The cut-off from the vote for other parties has been on both sides of its spectrum. “We have transcended the space we received for our initials. We have expanded in centrality and political and social transversality,” said Casado, in clear reference to the diminished party he received from Mariano Rajoy. “In addition to preaching, we knew how to give wheat,” he winked.

Regarding the change of role in the left bloc, Casado stressed that not only “there was a surprise from Más Madrid at the PSOE”, but that Ayuso “dismissed Iglesias”. “It seems there was a clear unification of acronyms in the PP, and I’m not happy for them, but it’s true that we never cheated, that was the only option to be a government alternative.”

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