Government and PP, about to close the renewal of the CGPJ with two members approved by the PSOE and Podemos

The agreement for the renewal of the General Judicial Council (CGPJ) seems closer than ever. Government sources assure LaSexgta that they are presenting the proposals and that negotiations could be closed in the coming days.

The PSOE managed to overcome opposition obstacles so that United We could be part of the membership election. The People’s Party refused to do so but de Ferraz insisted that the purple formation had to have representation because it is part of the executive, which seems to have been accomplished.

The names on which there is consensus in principle are José María Fernández Seijo and Ignacio Espinosa, after the “popular” have vetoed Victoria Rosell and Ricardo de Prada. But Pablo Casado’s party insists that Fernández and Espinosa have already volunteered years ago, which is why – they stress – these are not proposals from Podemos.

Although, already in 2018, Iglesias gave the green light to a list of progressive candidates, including Seijo. Then they included Judges Rosell and De Prada, which were the most popular proposals opposed.

And, despite the fact that the PP insists that it is not negotiating with United We Can, but only with the PSOE – since it is the Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo -, of the purple party, they are remember that “during negotiations with the Government, he does it with the two partners.” This was underlined by the deputy Isa Serra, in an interview with RNE, who accused the “right to use the CGPJ against the executive “.

As learned laSexta, the government considers that the agreement to proceed to the renewal of this body “will be closed, at the latest, next week” because “the talks are very constructive”. They also deny that this issue will cause further tension within the coalition because “we can have their representation”.

In the same vein, they spoke of the PP, assuring that “there are no insurmountable differences” and that the discussions are “constructive”.

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