Government asks CNMC to investigate irregularities in electricity surge and opposition accuses it of lying


Publication: Friday, January 8, 2021 19:49

The Ministry of Consumption has requested an investigation from the National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC) to determine whether there have been any irregularities in the electricity market due to the significant increase in the price of the electricity bill (the increase will be 13 euros on average more in the next recipe) during the cold snap that affects Spain due to the storm “Filomena”. This is what Minister Alberto Garzón expressed through social networks.

“Cold wave and new surge in the price of electricity. We have asked the CNMC to investigate the existence of irregularities in the market. We are looking for definitive solutions for a regulated tariff that particularly protects the most vulnerable families. vulnerable “, he stressed. the consumer manager on Twitter. The electricity bill reached the second highest price in Spanish history the day before.

In this sense, although this rise moderated hours later, it is expected that a significant increase in the offer price will be recorded again for the weekend. In addition, according to data provided by the consumer organization Facua, the year-over-year increase in the price of electricity so far in January has already reached 31%. A situation which provoked the indignation of the opposition and other parliamentary groups.

Those who boasted of a just energy transition start the year with a 20% increase in the price of electricity “

Among them, the Popular Party, which demanded from the central government an urgent appearance of Alberto Garzón, as well as Teresa Ribera, Minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, to explain this rise of the “total cold wave”. This was underlined by the president of the formation, Pablo Casado, who criticized Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias for having promised that “they would not leave anyone behind”. “Those who boasted of a just energy transition start the year with a 20% increase in the price of electricity in the middle of the cold snap, affecting the most vulnerable families,” he lamented, pulling newspaper archives to attack the government.

Pablo Casado was not the only one to express himself in these terms. Inés Arrimadas, top leader of Ciudadanos, also deplored the rise in the electricity bill and accused the government leadership in this regard: “When I was in opposition and the price of electricity increased, Pablo Iglesias left with a megaphone shouting in the street Now that he is in government and the electricity bill is skyrocketing he is shutting up and not lowering the taxes that make this bill so high Populism. “

For his part, Abascal, leader of the far-right formation Vox, stressed that “many families will be cold because they cannot pay for electricity, which was already one of the most expensive bills in the world. Europe, and now it has increased by 27% “. And he specified, including a blow to the popular, that faced with this difficult meteorological situation “the government (and the PP) will talk about the king, about Trump, or forgiveness to the putschists”.

Even EH Bildu, the main political force of the Abertzale left, attacked the executive on this issue, demanding urgent action and the intervention of Garzón and Ribera to argue the measures they will implement to end “ abuse ”by electricity companies. “It’s time to put an end to those who take advantage of people’s basic rights and start reversing so many privatizations for decades. It’s time to act,” said MP Oskar Matute, who demanded more “facts. “and less from the government. words.

Why is the electricity bill going up and who is it affecting?

What is the reason that the electricity bill has soared as more Spanish homes need electricity to protect themselves from the storm? Energy expert Laura Cardenal answered this question, who pointed out that while “this is something that happens every year”, now “we realize it even more” because we are in a wave cold. Cardenal, however, clarified that this increase will not affect all electricity consumers in the same way.

“It will affect those who are in the regulated market, the PVPC (voluntary price for the small consumer).” In other words, around “11 million households that are in this market,” said Cardenal, who stressed that those who are not in this market “will not affect” this increase in the price of electricity. The energy expert also wanted to take the opportunity to launch a series of recommendations to reduce the amounts payable on the electricity bill.

Highlights: Look for fixed rates for the whole year, avoid consuming electricity – if possible – at times when the light reaches the highest levels, avoid leaks through doors and windows, and check others insulation, pay particular attention to the use of electric stoves and subscription to collective energy purchases, among some initiatives aimed at saving.

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