Government believes Ayuso’s words about pardons “could erode the king’s face” and Cs calls it a “blunder”

Updated: Monday June 14, 2021 11:35

Posted: 14.06.2021 11:33

The government and other parties, such as Ciudadanos, asked Isabel Díaz Ayuso to explain why she wondered if the king would sign pardons for the tried prisoners. They did so after the PP tried to clarify the words of the president of Madrid.

On the socialist side of the Executive, they consider that the “popular” “was wrong and must justify why he put the head of state at a time when there are political tensions”. Reyes Maroto recalled in ‘RTVE’ that “in a consolidated democracy like ours, the figure of the king has established functions”.

Regarding the demonstration of Columbus, he believes that “it does not bring any solution” at the moment we are in. So, he says, Pedro Sánchez’s government will find itself “working for reconciliation”, not confrontation, which is “what the right is looking for.”

The Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Service, Miquel Iceta, also spoke, who considers that Ayuso’s words are an “attempt of bad faith or ignorance” because the head of state “n ‘has no opinion on it “. In this sense, he believes that these statements can “erode the figure of the king”.

Ayuso put the king in a very difficult position “

At Unidos Podemos, they believe that the president of Madrid has put “the king in a very difficult position”. This is what Jaume Asens said in an interview with ‘RNE’ in which he stressed that if the monarch “signed, for many ultras, he would be a traitor”, and if he did not, ” it would be unconstitutional and he should abdicate.

Inés Arrimadas also dealt hard blows against the leader of the Madrid PP, citing a “blunder”. “I guess Ayuso will correct it. He cannot make these statements because they may suggest that the king will not sign or that if he signs, he is an accomplice, and that is a lie because he cannot. choose, ”he added. in statements to the “Public mirror”.

I guess Ayuso will correct it. You cannot make these statements “

Thus, the president of Ciudadanos indicated that “Sánchez is the guilty of an outrage and a humiliation of the Spaniards” and it is him “that must be pointed out”. A position similar to that taken by the Popular Party, which had to rectify the words of its president after the controversy generated.

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