government control session in Congress, live

The PP and citizens will take advantage of the scrutiny session before the government in Congress this Wednesday, the first after the debate on the set of general budgets for 2021, to hold the president, Pedro Sánchez, and vice-presidents Carmen Calvo and Pablo Iglesias, for his pacts with Bildu and ERC.

Specifically, the PP leader, Pablo Casado, wants Sánchez to explain “what he gave to approve the general budgets”, and the president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, will ask him to clarify if he is going to have his party or ERC and Bildu to approve them. Specifically, Arrimadas will ask Sánchez if he plans to approve the public accounts for 2021 “through a reasonable, moderate and good deal for Spanish families”, as he considers it one with Cs, or with a “radical and full of concessions to the separatists. “

But there will be more questions about it. The parliamentary spokesperson of the PP, Cuca Gamarra, will demand that the first vice-president, Carmen Calvo, value “the first days of Bildu” at the head of the country.

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