Government delegate in Madrid asks Ayuso to request curfew after last crowds

Updated: Monday, May 10, 2021 11:48 AM

Published on: 05.10.2021 11:31

The government delegate from the Community of Madrid asked Isabel Díaz Ayuso to seek the approval of the courts to apply the curfew. He did so after footage last weekend, when thousands of people flooded the center of the capital to celebrate the end of the state of alarm, causing large crowds.

In this sense, Mercedes González revealed in statements to the media that the Minister of Justice, Enrique López, had admitted in a bilateral meeting that the regional executive was considering asking for night mobility restrictions after May 9, but ultimately rejected the idea on the basis of “citizen responsibility”.

Some statements that the adviser himself qualified, making sure that what the relevant health authority did was “assess all scenarios, including the curfew”. “Our health authority evaluated all the scenarios, but given the evolution of the pandemic, it was preferred to opt for a point of equilibrium and to close economic activity at 00:00”, he said told the media.

López also addressed the delegate, urging her to urge the central government to carry out “legislative reform” regarding health measures. Something that, he says, “the executive has not done in 14 months of the pandemic.” “We ask the government for joint responsibility and collaboration to enforce the law because the Community of Madrid does not have competence in road safety or does not restrict a fundamental right so intensely”, he said. added.

The statements come just two days after thousands took to the most central streets of the city of Madrid at dawn from Saturday to Sunday to celebrate the end of the state of alarm. The same happened in the Barcelona district of Sarrià, in which the squares and streets were crowded.

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