Government delegation to sanction Vox for massive rally in Murcia without a safe distance

Publication: Thursday March 11, 2021 20:51

Vox has called a rally for his constituents in Murcia, in the heart of the city. Thousands of people gathered, without any interpersonal distance, listened to Santiago Abascal in a square. Some images that aroused indignation.

The leader of the Spanish far-right justified himself on Twitter by saying that it was a press conference called a few hours earlier that had spiraled out of control. He assures us that this is the response of the citizens of Murcia “to avoid the delivery of the region to corrupt socialism, communism and transfuguism”. “Thousands of people have come to show their indignation at those who want to steal their vote and their future,” he added on the social network.

From what LaSexta has learned, they were not allowed to celebrate the event and the government delegation confirms that it will initiate disciplinary proceedings.

The Vox act comes just a day after Ciudadanos and the PSOE introduced two censure motions to expel the People’s Party from the region’s government and city council. Recently, Vox had demanded to collect the so-called “parental pin” to approve the region’s budgets, which would have been essential in deciding the no-confidence motion.

The formations presented Ana Martínez Vidal, until now Minister of Affairs and spokesperson, as candidate for the presidency of the government of Murcia, and José Antonio Serrano, spokesperson and socialist advisor, as candidate for mayor of Murcia.

Fernando López Miras would cease to be president of the region of Murcia if the motion of censure were to succeed and he has already ceased the government citizens’ advisers who have maintained the coalition with the support of Vox.

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