Government delegation to the Canary Islands frees more than 200 migrants from the port of Arguineguín

Posted: Tuesday November 17 2020 19:44

The government delegation to the Canary Islands decided to release between 200 and 250 Moroccan migrants from the makeshift camp that was set up in the Arguineguín wharf, where they were locked up until today. According to the local council, the government delegation intends to allow an additional 250 people to leave tomorrow. Some 2,000 migrants are still crowded there.

The Interior Ministry recalled that released migrants are not detained and therefore cannot be detained against their will after passing the police report. Even so, they insisted that they had adopted all relevant health protocols.

According to interior sources, with the migrants released, it was not possible to follow the usual procedures to relocate them given the heavy occupation of certain infrastructures. Although the necessary procedures are already in place to relocate them to other reception systems.

For its part, the town hall of Mogán has launched three buses to take them from the port of Arguineguín to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The mayor of the town of Onalia Bueno, distressed the government’s decision and said that they had not been notified before the eviction.

“We denounced from minute zero that it was not the ideal place, it led to the release of these people without warning. Fortunately, I came forward because the information reached me and we could not not make all these people wander the municipality, ”explained the mayor.

In this sense, the city council has taken the decision to grant them the possibility of going to Las Palmas by bus through communication with an interpreter. “The vast majority have agreed to move voluntarily,” said Bueno.

However, the mayor assured that she had already started the procedures to stop the eviction of 250 other people from the pier tomorrow. “We condemn the policy pursued by the Spanish government and demand the resignation of the government delegate because he was not up to the task,” the mayor curtly said before asking the central executive to take over . of the situation: “We cannot bear a second longer that the port of Arguineguín is as it is and the policies that are being carried out to free these people without decent housing.”

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