Government denies health studies closing nightlife, new curfew

Updated: Tuesday 06 July 2021 18:53

Posted: 07/06/2021 18:51

With a cumulative incidence of over 700 chaos coronavirus among young people, some communities, like Catalonia, are rushing to limit nightlife again, and others, like Castilla y León, are asking the Ministry of Health to re-establish a general curfew between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. But the Executive, they firmly maintain that these are not proposals that Health has formulated in the Public Health Commission to technicians in each region. “This is totally and absolutely false,” insist health sources at LaSexta.

Asked precisely about the possibility that the government plans to introduce a curfew on the whole of the territory, the Minister of Territorial Policy, Miquel Iceta, replied with a categorical “no”.

And on this issue of the curfew, the president of the executive, Pedro Sánchez, also spoke, who recalled that the decisions must be shared with the autonomous communities, and insisted that the important now is to “continue the vaccination process”.

We understand fatigue but it is very important to keep this caution “

What Sánchez did was send a message to the young population, among which infections proliferate because they are not vaccinated: “Let’s not let our guard down. We understand fatigue but it is very important to preserve this. caution because they can injure themselves “, asked the Prime Minister.

He also recalled that “they can make the older generations sick”, which the spokesperson for Health and director of the Center for the coordination of health alerts and emergencies, Fernando Simón, warned last Monday.

“The greater the transmission in unvaccinated population groups, the more likely it is that among the older and more vulnerable groups, although they are vaccinated, they are not immune, they will come into contact with the virus. and we could have a little more serious images of it, “said the expert.

Health sees “all the sense” of opening vaccination to the youngest

Almost a month ago, the Interterritorial Health Council decided to authorize vaccination in all age groups (from 12 years old) and now Health, given the rebound in infections, insists on the fact that it would be advisable to start the vaccination by age overlap as soon as possible.

This was expressed on Monday by the Secretary of State for Health, Silvia Calzón, who defended that during the summer holidays “it is perfectly logical” to open vaccination to all groups, in particular those under 40. Otherwise, “it would take several weeks to” vaccinate these groups among which infections are piling up.

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