Government fulfills 23.8% of pledges of Sánchez inauguration speech

Posted: Tuesday December 29 2020 12:31 PM

laSexta exclusively advances the conclusions of the accountability report of the coalition government, in which it takes stock of its first year.

A document prepared by the presidential cabinet headed by Iván Redondo and which indicates that the executive has fulfilled 23.8% of the 239 commitments made by Pedro Sánchez in his inauguration speech last January.

On the other hand, of the total of 1238 commitments made by the government at the start of the mandate, 23.4% had been fulfilled by December 20, according to this report, which forecasts that the next semester will be reached on December 32, 6% compliance.

Likewise, the document prepared by the presidency states that, if those in which the government is working are in addition to the commitments already fulfilled, it is clear that 90.9% of the total have been activated. However, seven of the commitments made decreased, or 0.6%.

More specifically, out of the total commitments made by the Executive, 428 are part of the coalition agreement between the PSOE and United We Can and, among them, 20.3% have been respected.

Among the rest of the investiture agreements concluded with other political formations that supported or facilitated the formation of a government, 161 commitments emerged, of which 21.7% were respected.

In addition, after the inauguration, 94 new pledges were incorporated, according to the report, representing 7.4% of the total. Most of them, the document points out, are linked to the emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Likewise, Sánchez’s executive made 641 other commitments in its public statements and statements last year, of which 25.4% were honored.

According to the report, the approval of general state budgets (PGE) – accounts to which the Senate finally gave the green light last week – allowed the government to advance 33% of its commitments.

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