Government maintains target of 70% of Spaniards vaccinated in August despite AstraZeneca shutdown


Publication: Thursday, April 8, 2021 12:56

The government considers it possible to vaccinate 70% of Spaniards against COVID-19 with the full schedule at the end of August, despite the shutdown that led to the suspension of AstraZeneca serum injections at less than 60 years.

This is assured by sources from La Moncloa to La Sexta, since from this April to the end of September it is expected that sufficient doses from other pharmaceutical companies will arrive to vaccinate the entire Spanish population.

The government says that without the drug AstraZeneca, 78.3 million injections are expected to arrive until September, which would allow 47.9 million people to be vaccinated according to the full schedule.

In this regard, the spokesperson for the executive, María Jesús Montero, insisted on sending a message of tranquility to the citizens and that the suspension of the Anglo-Swedish serum was a measure of “prevention” which will be completed at the time. future “by other vaccines” to meet the schedule.

The government calendar

This is the vaccination schedule with which the government is working and which, in principle, would not be affected by the change in national strategy:

Week of April 12 to 18: there will be more people vaccinated than the total number of infections recorded Week of May 3: 5 million people vaccinated with the full schedule First week of June: 10 million people vaccinated Week of June 14 : 15 million people vaccinated Week of July 19: 25 million people vaccinated End of August: 33 million people vaccinated

June is the month when the two most ambitious goals have been set, a difference of five million vaccinated between the first week of this month (10 million vaccinated) and the second (15 million vaccinated).

“Our top priority is to complete the vaccination of the elderly. We expect to complete the administration of the first doses to people over 80 years old in most of the autonomous communities this week,” Sánchez said last Tuesday.

Vaccines arriving in Spain

In this same appearance, Sánchez recalled that between April and June, 38 million vaccines from AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer and Janssen are expected to arrive, with more than 87 million doses if the range is extended until September.

Between April and June: 38 million vaccines Between June and September: 48 million vaccines From April to September: 87 million vaccines.

“This means receiving 3.5 times more doses than in the first trimester,” he said. When the 87 million doses arrive, Sánchez promised that “any compatriot who wishes can be vaccinated during this period”.

From Janssen alone, 5.7 million vials of the single-dose vaccine will arrive in Spain before June. Thus, between June and September, 48 million doses of all vaccines will arrive.

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