Government plans to reach 10 million vaccinated with the full schedule in the first week of June


Posted: Sunday May 30, 2021 7:04 AM

The vaccine has become the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. Although concerns remain about possible outbreaks and the appearance of variants, there are already 8.8 million Spaniards fully vaccinated (17.7 million at least with one dose) and the government hopes to reach 10 million protected against COVID-19 this week.

In the words of the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, the vaccination campaign “is going like a blow” and has already reached the “cruising speed” that his predecessor, Salvador Illa, had so predicted. This same week our country will receive 4.6 million doses, a record in receptions which will give new impetus to vaccination.

The government aspires to reach the third stage of the vaccination schedule that Sánchez announced in early April, almost two months ago. First, the vaccinated exceeded the detected cases of COVID-19 and, later, the country reached five million vaccinated.

It was only four weeks ago. That is to say that in one month the vaccination of five million Spaniards will have been completed, the same number as between December 28, 2020 and May 3 of this year.

At present, there are 21.9% of the population to be vaccinated (over 16 years) fully immunized, two in ten Spaniards. The percentage rises to 44.1% if we refer to those who have suffered at least one puncture. On average, this week, some 400,000 doses were inoculated and, between Monday and Thursday – the date of the daily assessment – 1.6 million vaccines were administered.

As announced by Darias, this Wednesday 1.3 million vaccines will be received from AstraZeneca, in addition to the 900,000 reserved by the autonomous communities. Also 2.4 million Pfizer sera. The rest will come from Moderna and Janssen – single dose.

Sánchez calendar: 33 million in August

Sánchez announced the schedule of vaccination milestones shortly before stopping AstraZeneca due to thrombotic episodes and the decision not to vaccinate under 60s with this company’s serum. However, despite the initial delay, for now Spain is complying with government notes.

In June, it will be the time for mass vaccination of the under 50s and there are already communities that are immunizing the population over 40. Communities like the Canary Islands have already launched the convocation for all their citizens, with no age limit.

Thus, if everything remains the same, in the week of June 14 our country will reach 15 million vaccinated with the full schedule: five million more in two weeks.

The next goal will be to reach 25 million in the week of July 19 and, by the end of August, 33 million vaccinated Spaniards will be reached. And there will arrive the long awaited 70% of the vaccinated population and a possible return to normality.

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