Government refuses companies to buy vaccines themselves

Health rejects the idea that private companies acquire and administer vaccines themselves. The ministry reported on Friday that “in no case has this possibility been considered” and recalls the “importance” of the agreement of the European Union for the joint purchase of vaccines against the coronavirus.

A clarification from the executive which comes before “the news of the participation of private companies in the acquisition and administration of vaccines to their workforce” and after the president of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, was in favor of this option this Friday.

“I do not see badly that companies outside Spain, in the markets, not to the detriment of the Spanish public health, start to buy vaccines”, he declared, during an act in Valdebebas, where the PP candidate for the 4M elections He also said that companies and countries will end up “buying for themselves, because it is the only way to progress”.

Health sources questioned on this subject by LaSexta also recalled this Friday that a vaccination strategy is underway by age groups and that the vaccines cannot be bought by themselves.

Subsequently, the ministry underlined that the European agreement for the purchase of vaccines provides that the member states “undertake not to initiate their own purchasing procedures with vaccines subject to negotiation by the European Strategy”. In this sense, he stresses that all vaccines against COVID-19 authorized to date by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) are part of the strategy.

Regarding the administration of vaccines, the department headed by Carolina Darias highlights “the capacities of the public sector” to execute the current vaccination plan and reiterates the objective of vaccinating 70% of the population by the end of the year. ‘summer. “The national health system is sufficiently prepared to tackle a mass vaccination campaign,” the statement added, citing as an example “the latest influenza campaign, in which 14 million doses were administered in three months. “.

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