Government says king’s payments to treasury show “he is a citizen who must be held to account”

Updated: Friday, February 26, 2021 10:41 AM

Published on: 02/26/2021 10:12 AM

The last payment of the King Emeritus to the public treasury in the amount of four million provoked the first reactions from the political scene. The socialist part of the government defends that it must face up to its obligations like any other citizen, while it asks the opposition to “differentiate between the person and the figure of the king”.

The first vice-president and minister of relations with the courts believes that “it is the example of a country which functions, and which demands an account of all and on an equal footing”. He maintains that in Spain “no one can break the law” and that Juan Carlos I “is a citizen who must be accountable for tax purposes”.

Yes, he specified in “Canal Sur” that “the political commentary” is free but no member of the government can comment on “the relations with the Treasury of each of the citizens, including the former head of state” .

Pablo Iglesias recalled the criticism he received for not applauding King Felipe VI in the act for the 40th anniversary of the 23F coup and questioned the actions of other politicians towards of the monarchy. “The question should not be why we do not applaud certain things, but why others applaud,” he wrote on social media.

The president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, spoke in “Public Mirror” in a more vehement manner. The socialist leader asks that the emeritus act “with the same legal orthodoxy as with any citizen”, referring in his opinion to the public trial to which he was subjected. Likewise, he asks that a differentiation be made between “the public heritage that” Juan Carlos I created and “the scenes of his life”.

Juanma Moreno spoke in the same direction, who in declarations to the “Being” declared that it was necessary to “make differences between the person and the figure of the king” because of his “vocation in the service of the State “. He considers that he must “normalize his situation if he has not done things well”, but he believes that he must do it from Spain, where “his family is and has reigned”.

For her part, the government delegate against gender violence, Victoria Rosell, insisted that the prosecution open an investigation into the origin of the four million euros which represent the second regularization of the emeritus with the Treasury. The magistrate stresses that these “regularizations must be voluntary because when they are inspected, they are no longer valid”.

In this sense, sources from the prosecution told LaSexta that “a regularization is an act of a fiscal nature which, if necessary, must be reported to the Treasury”. On the investigations, they indicated that “they are continuing their course and that there is no more information on this subject”.

The news comes just two days after King Felipe defended his father’s performance in the failed 23F coup attempt. During his speech at the ceremony held at the Congress, the Head of State praised the role of Juan Carlos I, assuring that “his firmness and his authority were decisive for the defense and the triumph of democracy”.

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