Government studies adding additional dental treatments to social security to prevent private clinic fraud

Published: Wednesday, December 2, 2020 4:53 PM

Juana went to a private dental clinic to start the treatment she needed. “My teeth fell out,” he recalls, explaining that “my whole mouth had to be changed”. However, although he paid him, he never completed the treatment because the “low cost” channel where he had hired him closed.

To avoid this type of situation, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs is now proposing to strengthen oral social security coverage. Alberto Garzón indicated that “gradual integration of oral health care services into the public system is envisaged”.

Currently, we can go to the dentist in our medical center mainly for the treatment of acute processes, such as infections and inflammations, as well as in the case of health check-ups for pregnant women and for extractions – including those that require surgeries – parts that are not healthy. .

However, the removal of parts for cosmetic reasons is not included, as is orthodontics or implants. In the case of children, public coverage depends on each Autonomous Community, as for oral cleanings.

Which would then be included from now on? For the moment, Santé does not specify it, but the experts interviewed by LaSexta believe that the ideal is not to make a catalog of services, but to be based on diagnoses and to prioritize by groups, such as children, the elderly and the disabled.

This is defended by Óscar Castro, president of the General College of Dentists, who nevertheless insists that in order to implement these new public services it will be necessary to strengthen the workforce and increase investment. “Currently, in the field of oral health, we play one euro per Spaniard and per year”, he estimates.

Another important point to discuss is how this care will be managed. In this sense, from Facua, they are engaged in a “transition period” in which these services are placed in the hands of the private sector, so that there is not a disproportionate cost to the system, according to Rubén Sánchez, but that “little by little can end up attracting the attention of the public.”

In addition, the consumers’ association maintains that it would be necessary for all services to be the same in all the autonomous communities.

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