Government vaccination plan suffers further setback due to Janssen ruling

Publication: Wednesday April 14, 2021 8:57 AM

The stopping of the shipment of 150,000 doses of Janssen, the first that Spain would receive of this vaccine, raised expectations among health authorities. This is how the Minister of Health herself transferred him on Tuesday, who although she indicated that they were “on hold”, assured that the Spanish Medicines Agency is in permanent contact with her. European counterpart and that our country is “ready” to receive this shipment. .

The move came on Tuesday, just hours after the CCAA received the doses, after detecting six cases of “serious and rare” blood clots in vaccinated women, although it should be noted that in the United States , there are seven million people who have been inoculated with this formula. However, this has led the company not to continue distributing its vaccine, for the time being.

With Janssen, there would already be four vaccines available for the autonomous communities. Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca are already administered in Spain and that of the subsidiary Johnson & Johnson would begin to be administered to people between 70 and 79 years old.

For the moment, the health authorities will have to continue the vaccination plan without this new vaccine until its pharmacist considers it appropriate to resume its distribution. Although it remains in the air if this break will allow to respect the fixed dates.

Thus, the government considers that the objective of reaching 70% of the vaccinated population in August “remains viable”. It was the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, who said that “although there is a temporary stop (with Janssen), it will be resumed”.

Initially, Janssen doses were to be distributed as follows:

Madrid 20,900 doses, Catalonia 24,000 doses, Basque Country 6,850 doses, Navarre 2,050 doses, Andalusia 26,150 doses, Galicia 8,500 doses, Extremadura 3,000 doses, Canary Islands 6,000 doses, Cantabria 1,800 doses, Castile and León 7,400 doses Asturias 3,100 doses, La Rioja 1,000 Balearic doses 3,600 doses.

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